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A longcase clock, also tall-case clock, floor clock, or grandfather clock, is a tall, freestanding, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held inside the tower, or waist of the case. Clocks of this style are commonly 1.8-2.4 meters (6-8 feet) tall. The case often features elaborately carved ornamentation on the hood, or bonnet, which surrounds and frames the dial, or clock face. The English clockmaker William Clement is credited with the development of this form in 1670. Most longcase clocks are striking clocks, which means they sound the time on each hour or fraction of an hour.
The terms "grandfather", "grandmother", and "granddaughter" have all been applied to longcase clocks. Although there is no specifically defined difference among these terms, the general consensus seems to be that a clock smaller than 1.5 m (5 ft) is a granddaughter; over 1.5 m (5 ft) is a grandmother; and over 1.8 m (6 ft) is a grandfather.

A superb Georgian Mahogany Longcase Clock which is dated to around 1750.

The clock is by a good quality London maker, Thomas Jarvis of St James, who according to Baillie worked in the 1750's and died 1778.

The case is a nice mahogany of good quality and colour. The door has a figured mahogany front, brass hinges and retains a working lock. The brass dial has silvered chapter ring and work strike/silent dial, overall the dial is in nice original unrestored condition.

The good quality four pillar 8 day movement is in good working condition and runs well and keeps good time. It is powered by two brass cased weights.

The overall height of the clock is 87".

Fully restored and guaranteed for one year.


Superb Georgian Mahogany Longcase Clock Superb Georgian Mahogany Longcase Clock


Charming 30 hour scumbled pine cottage Longcase Clock C.1840.

Height 182cm/17.5in.

Stock no.802.

Fully restored and guaranteed for one year.

£1,595.00 (price includes delivery and setting up within a 40 mile radius)

30 hour scumbled pin cottage longcase clock
30 hour scumbled pin cottage longcase clock


Fine quality, locally made oak 8 Day Longcase Clock signed Thomas Fordham, Braintree.

We think that this was probably the second, of a possible three Thomas Fordhams, all clockmakers, hoever records would suggest that there were probably ten Fordham Clockmakers working over the next 200 years within a 20 mile radius of Braintree. The first in the mid 17th century, the last in the mid 19th century. This must surely be one of the biggest dynasties of Clockmakers?

The shaped pediment, which shows no holes for spires, so presumably never had any, over arched dial signed Thomas Fordham, Braintree, to the boss in the arch. Flanked by serpents.

Later arched dials would generally have a 'strike/silent' in the arch. The engraved signature is particularly well executed. The finely matted dial centre, with two winding holes, second dial and date aperture. Original blued steel hands. The silvered brass chapter ring with engraved and waxed inner Roman numerals and outer Arabic numbers. Cornered by bird and urn spandrels. The trunk with moulded and arched door enclosing a beautifully patinated original lead weight and a nice small pendulum bob with original rating nut. The fine 8 day movement striking on a bell and sounding the hours.

Fully overhauled and guaranteed for one year.



18th Century Oak & Mahogany, Crossbanded, 30 Hour Longcase Clock by George Bourn, Kirkby.

The swan neck & dentil moulded top over round dial flanked by reeded pillars with brass Corinthian tops. The round brass 13" dial engraved with floral swags, Roman numerals & Arabic numbers and with a subsidiary date wheel, fancy blued steel hands. The trunk with reeded pillared corners & a shaped mahogany crossbanded door.

Height: 205cm (stock no:752)

Fully serviced and guaranteed for one year.

£2,750.00 (price includes delivery and setting up within a 40 mile radius)

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