Antique clocks

Antique Clock Repairs and Restoration

We specialise in all aspects of repair to –  
Antique Clock Mechanism
        Antique Longcase (GRANDFATHER) clocks
  Wall Clocks
  Bracket Clocks
  French Clocks – striking or otherwise
  Carriage Clocks – up to & including Grand Sonnerie
  Vienna Regulators
  American Clocks – all types
  German Clocks – all types
In the vast majority of cases, the clock which you inherited, the one that hasn't been going for years, or the one which keeps poor time – will only need an overhaul and clean.
We work within the guidelines in terms of price and code of practice of the British Watch & Clock Makers Guild, founded in 1907.
When your clock is taken in for repair, we will supply you with an estimate based on the expected work required. Additional parts occasionally are needed which will be purchased or made. This doesn't happen very often. The vast majority of clocks simply require a standard overhaul and clean to ensure it keeps good time.
Overhauls that we carry out always start with complete dismantling, followed by re-bushing pivot holes, polishing pivots and palettes, cleaning and lubricating all parts, followed by re-assembly, bench testing and regulating.
The following prices are for a full overhaul and clean –
8 Day alarms   OHL £55 Antique Clock Restoration
Cuckoo   OHL £130

Mass produced 8 Day

Timepiece Mantel OHL £125
Strike Mantel OHL £170
Chime Mantel OHL £225
Timepiece Wall OHL £140
Strike Wall OHL £190
Chime Wall OHL £250
Grandmother Chime OHL £380  
American O.G. OHL £230  
English Longcase (Price can vary depending on amount of repair) OHL £495.00 Antique Clock Mechanism
    Susp £60.00
English Dials      
Time   OHL £245.00
Strike   OHL £380.00
Vienna Regulator      
Time   OHL £230.00
Strike   OHL £290.00
English Bracket      
Timepiece   OHL £250.00  
Strike   OHL £390.00  
Chime   OHL £540.00  
French       Antique Clock Repairs
Timepiece Mantel OHL £165
Strike Mantel OHL £250
Carriage Time OHL £190
Carriage Strike OHL £260
Carriage/Strike Repeat Alarm OHL £310
  New escapement platform OHL £180
400 Day      
Mechanical   OHL £165
Quartz Repair or adjust. Limited work possible on quartz. See below.
Quartz Clocks All types new movement from £35

Pick-up, delivery and set-up service available
Take the worry out of moving and setting up your clock, we’ll do it for you!
Within 10 miles (2 trips & set-up)   £60  
Within 10 miles (1 trip & setup) i.e. you deliver your clock to us initially.   £40  
Within 20 miles (2 trips & set-up)   £85  
Within 20 miles (1 trip & set up) i.e. you deliver your clock to us initially   £60  
Over 20 miles, ask for a quote      

Occasionally these prices may be exceeded for the reasons given above, but we will do our utmost to forewarn of any additional charges before carrying out the work.


With regard to picking up and returning and setting-up of a clock or timepiece, we are very happy to undertake this service, but obviously we would have to charge a fee, which is dependant upon distance travelled.


If you wish to deliver and pick up the clock yourself, we are very happy to advise how to put your clock ‘in beat' yourself - for instance, you can ring when you get home and we'll help when you've got the clock in position.


Finchingfield Antique Clock & Watch repairers, guaranteed work carried out by a fully trained professional, all complying with the guide-lines laid down by the B.H.I. & British Watch & Clock Makers Guild…….. including dial & case restoration.

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